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Abedi Pele: CNN use photo of Ghana legend to announce death of Pele, fans react



American news channel, Cable News Network have mistakenly used the photo of Ghana legend Abedi Pele to announce the death of Pele.

Three-time World Cup winner Pele died on Thursday, December 29, 2022 at the age of 2022.

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While the news of Pele’s death sent shocked waves across the world, many turned to their television only to see Abedi Pele photo reported as the dead Pele.

Some took to social media to angrily react, with many correcting the news channel over their mistake. Abedi Pele, who got his second named from the Brazilian icon is alive.

How social media reacted

@nutifafaattah wrote: CNN mistaken Abedi Pele for the late Pele, he is definitely the only GOAT left now.

@willie1256 tweeted:

CNN uses Abedi Pele photo to announce the death of Legendary Pele. Why you for do this CNN?

@EltonBrobbey wrote:

CNN it’s Pele of Brazil not Abedi pele of Ghana

@JJMMichelot posted:

Attention CNN and cnnbrk the intern has slipped a photo of Abedi Pelé into your slideshow.

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