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Sad: A lovely lady who tattooed her eyeballs blue risks going blind, fans react



A woman identified as Anaya Peterson has regretted not listening to her seven-year-old daughter’s warning she could go blind if she got her eyeballs tattooed – as she is now losing her sight.

The Law student was inspired by ‘blue-eyed dragon’ Amber Luke, an Australian model who got her eyeballs inked blue in 2019 – before going temporarily blind for three weeks.

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According to Daily Mail, the mother of five was left hospitalised by the eye alteration.The 32-year-old faces permanent blindness after a suspected reaction to the eyeball ink.

Anaya, who also has a tongue split and facial tattoos, now says she wishes she could have done things differently.

The mum reportedly got her right eyeball tattooed blue in July 2020.Despite dealing with headaches and dry eyes as part of the healing process, she decided to get her left eye dyed purple in December 2021.

After months without complications, Anaya was shocked to wake up in August 2021 with swollen eyelids.


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