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“He is better than Halaand”: Ghanaians hail Inaki for scoring powerful 1st goal [Watch Video]



Ghana’s recent nail-biting victory against Madagascar in Kumasi has sparked a wave of admiration for Inaki Williams among Ghanaians.

With the match culminating in a narrow one-goal win, fans have been quick to laud Williams, some even asserting that he outshines the renowned Erling Haaland.

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In a significant turn of events, this marked Inaki Williams’ inaugural goal for Ghana, a pivotal moment occurring during a crucial World Cup qualifier.

Williams’ performance has ignited discussions across social media platforms, with supporters expressing their appreciation for his contribution to the national team.

Comparisons to Erling Haaland, a well-established football figure, add an extra layer of excitement and pride for Ghanaians, who are eager to witness more stellar performances from Williams in future matches.

Watch the video below



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