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“I Started Seeing Magg0ts” – Lady Shares Heartbreaking Story After Sleeping With Yahoo Boyfriend



An anonymous Nigerian lady has shared her painful story on the page of a Tiktoker identified as Shugaplum.

In the story, the lady narrated how she got convinced that her ex-boyfriend who is also a big Yahoo guy used her for diabolical reason.

In her words:

“There is this big Yahoo boy in my neighborhood, so I dated him for 7 months on the 5th month, it started giving me attitude like it changed automatically, like everything about him changed.

“He stopped touching me, it stopped sleeping with me, he stopped eating what I cooked. It just started giving me attitude and then on the 7th month he asked me to leave his house and I left.

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“The next month my peri0d came out I went to the bathroom normal so I can change like I can fix my p@d. When I got there to change my pad, I started seeing magg0ts. The bl0od was mixed with magg0ts and I got confused. I didn’t know how. I was like is the Magg0t from the p@d or from my body then I threw the pad away and fixed another pad .

“Then when I went again to change the second pad I became convinced that the magg0ts was actually coming out from my b0dy I thought it was an infection or a medical problem so I went to the hospital….and it was confirmed that it wasn’t a medical case.”

Shugaplum then used the story to advise other young ladies and also solicited for any help that can be rendered to the anonymous lady.

Watch video below:


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